about Biocell

About Us

Biocell Pvt. Ltd. by winning the hearts of people through its products and services is a leading modern research expert company in the Nutraceuticals, Milk products, Surgical equipment, Hospital equipment and, Pharmaceuticals industries business in Nepal. With years of research experience and successfully being the leading player in the market to expanding the reach virtually to every corner of Nepal by continuously adding new distributors and field force as well all over the Nepal formulation sales and market on an ethical basis, Biocell Pvt. Ltd. has raised the bars high in every aspect for the competitors. Also, we have been able to establish ourselves successfully all over Nepal with the best services that we offer. A global presence is what we have as Biocell Pvt. Ltd. With the extensive growth of the market, world and so the needs of the people, we are continuously expanding our services to meet the same too.


The manufacturing and production of the best quality formulations are from WHO/ISO/GMP certified plants. A wide range of products we have which ranges from tablets, syrups, ointments, drops, soap to milk products, etc as well. With the use of high-end latest technology and a team of dedicated and innovative minds, we have turned into the most trusted scientist experts. Also, our latest endeavors are making forays in the market and setting new levels of quality and development. We are always excited and on our toes to come up with the best and developed solutions for our people. We ensure that only the best among all reaches to the market for the use and so a strict eye is kept on the entire process assuredly. We won’t ever let you down in terms of quality as we ourselves work with the goal of providing the best to the target market and people too. Biocell works hard to amaze you with great quality and won’t ever let you down in this case.

What we do

Providing trusted and customer-centric turnkey building solutions. Handling the whole gamut – paperwork, design, installation, construction, and delivery.

Our Team

Our team believes in abundant dedication and the forever research and development to come up with the best and we would continue with the same. The success mantra for our team has never been anything other than continuous research and development. Biocell with its team of dedicated and passionate minds has been continuously hustling to develop more and offer the best to its target audience and this has kept us going for so long and more to cover ahead too. 

Shikha Kashyap

Chairman & CEO



K K Amit

Vice President